Alimerka Oviedo wants to open the gap: the blues face Tizona Burgos today (12.30)

The defeats on Friday of Castelló, on the Betis court, and of Cáceres, on the Alicante court, place Alimerka Oviedo Baloncesto with a golden opportunity to extend their advantage over the relegation places. The team coached by Javi Rodríguez, which has a cushion of three wins over the aforementioned teams, meets again with its faithful today in Pumarín (12:30 p.m.) to face the revelation team of the season, Tizona Burgos.

The Oviedo team comes from having a weak game in Menorca, but wants to turn the page on its field, where it usually offers a much higher performance. Javi Rodríguez assures that they have had two good weeks of training (in the middle there was a weekend break due to the Princess Cup dispute), and he hopes to give a different image today.

The definitive recovery of Dan Duscak, who has overcome the broken finger on one hand that occurred in the match against Fuenlabrada, at the end of November, will surely help. In Menorca he played one minute, but a greater participation is expected from now on. Javi will be able to count on, if nothing goes wrong at the last minute, with the three pure point guards on the squad, the aforementioned Duscak, Josep Pérez and Chapela.

The task that is presented to the Asturian team today is not at all easy. Tizona Burgos not only occupies one of the privileged places in the classification, but has developed the best game in the competition, with a very high pace and an unusual level of success. The main unknown for the people of Burgos is knowing how they are going to react to the loss of point guard Didac Cuevas, transferred to Casademont Zaragoza. In his place they have incorporated Mario Saint Supéry, a young value from the Unicaja youth team.

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