Alicante Shows Support for Ilia Topuria in His Quest for the UFC Featherweight World Title

Alicante and its citizens are going to support the Spanish-Georgian fighter Ilia Topuria, who will seek the UFC Featherweight world title. The fight, which will take place in Anaheim, California, in the early hours of Saturday the 17th to Sunday the 18th, will begin at 6:00 Spanish time. To win the world title he must defeat the current champion, the Australian Alexander Volkanovski.

So that the followers of the adopted Alicante native can support him, the city council will install a giant screen in the Pedro Ferrándiz pavilion, specifically in the judo room. The doors will open at 4 a.m. and admission will be free.

The council has hung different billboards throughout the municipality in support of Topuria and hopes that the 300 locations that have those stands will be filled. Of course, entry with banners, food or drink will be prohibited. In addition, minors must be accompanied by an adult.

The mayor, Luis Barcala, already gave his support at the last Fitur meeting where they met, and has also done so on different social networks.

The bond between the fighter born in Halle and Alicante dates back to when he was 15 years old and began training at the Climent Club gym, along with his brother, Aleksandre Topuria, who had been hired by the UFC. His coaches were Agustín and Jorge Climent, who taught him everything he knows at 27 years old.

As part of the promotion of the main fight of UFC 298, Ilia Topuria spoke with The MMA Hour and made clear what her intentions will be against Volkanovoski: «It’s going to be a KO in the first round. You will see. There are levels, then there is me. I’m going to dominate him in everything, in everything. “I’m going to make him look like a punching bag, you’ll see.”

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