Alexis Sabella’s harsh criticism of San Lorenzo: “I don’t forget that I was recently stuck in the Reserve”

After scoring his first goal in First National in the victory of Colón 4-0 over Patroanto, Alexis Sabellacurrent player of the Sabalerocompared his present with his time in the Cyclone by ensuring: “I don’t forget that I was recently lying in the San Lorenzo Reserve”. However, he later decided to clarify his statements and showed his affection for the club.

“I am totally grateful to all these people who trust me. I do not forget that I was recently stuck in the San Lorenzo Reserve and today I have to be here. It is incredible, I am very happy and grateful for the messages of encouragement, it is a very giant club“said the 22-year-old player.

After the statements did not go down well on social media, the midfielder himself made it clear that he had no intention of disparaging his time at San Lorenzo.

The footballer explained: “I am a fanatical fan of San Lorenzo, I have never and will never throw shit at the club., I breathe San Lorenzo every day of my life. I love and respect the club very much. I am the first one who wants things to go well, I am totally grateful for every moment lived“.

Sabella went to Colón de Santa Fe in January of this year on loan along with right back Ezequiel Herrera for one year, after having played the 2023 season at Martín Palermo’s Platense.


2024-02-27 00:17:57
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