Abu Dhabi’s Multimillion-Dollar Offer Threatens Barcelona’s Bid to Host Euroleague Final Four

The multimillion-dollar offer presented by Abu Dhabi to organize three Final Four of the Euroleague (2025, 2026 and 2027) could ruin the intentions of the city of Barcelona to host the event in 2025. The Barcelona city council had advanced arrangements to get the 2025 event, which would be Barcelona’s fourth Final Four after those organized in 1998, 2003 (in which Barça was champion) and 2011.

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Barcelona had not yet closed a definitive agreement with the Euroleague, although the talks – which began during Ada Colau’s mandate – are very advanced. “Negotiations remain pending. It’s not done. When it is, you will see the announcement of the final decision. At the moment, there is nothing more to comment on,” explained the president of the Euroleague, Paulius Motiejunas, last November.

Now Barcelona is not a ruled out possibility either. Abu Dhabi wants to enter now in 2025 but a hypothetical agreement could delay its arrival to 2026.

The Final Four of this edition will be held in May in Berlin.

[+] This is the Etihad Arena in Dubai:


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