A basketball game is suspended after a trans player injured three rivals before halftime

The inclusion of trans athletes in the female categories has provoked a bitter debate in the world of sports and especially in the United States, where positions seem more conflicting every day. Since the participation of self-identified female athletes began to compete in the women’s categories, complaints have been constant. Now, a new case in a basketball game has heated up the debate again.

A Massachusetts high school girls’ basketball team was forced to suspend its game after a transgender player on the opposing team injured three players before halftime. The Collegiate Charter School of Lowell women’s basketball team abandoned its game against KIPP Massachusetts after “one of the KIPP players, who is a biological male,” injured its athletes.

Three players injured before the break

Collegiate Charter School officials said the team decided to withdraw because other players feared they would get injured and not be able to compete in the playoffs that were held a few days later. “There were already bench issues before the game and the 12-player roster had four players unable to play,” Collegiate Charter School spokesman Casey Crane said.

“When the coach saw three more go down in the first half leaving him with five players, he made the decision to end the game early. Charter School’s next playoffs were looming and he needed a healthy, robust bench in four days.

Collegiate Charter abandoned the game just after 16 minutes of play, with KIPP leading 31-14. However, the final score now, due to the abandonment, will be 10-0.

A shocking video of the game shows the transgender player, taller and heavier, ripping the ball from the arms of another player and throwing her roughly to the ground. The Collegiate Charter player is seen struggling to move and writhing in pain.

Collegiate Charter School of Lowell athletic director Kyle Pelczar told The Daily Item that the coach knew about the transgender KIPP player beforehand and that she was not the reason they resigned. “No, and coach (Kevin Ortins) already knew it before the game, because we had them at home the first game of the year and nothing happened then, so he knew it before the game,” Pelczar said.

The KIPP player, who is a biological man who identifies as a woman, is nearly 6’3″ tall and has facial hair, one of them told Fox News Digital.

The Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association said a player cannot be excluded from a team because of their gender identity. Section 43.3.1 of the handbook said: “A student will not be excluded from participation in a gender-specific sports team that is consistent with the student’s genuine gender identity.”

The handbook notes that a student cannot be included on a team roster in order to gain an unfair advantage. “It is recommended that schools communicate with their opponents, as necessary, the specific gender needs of their team to promote inclusion,” the manual says.

An incident that has not been overlooked by swimmer Riley Gaines that has become a scourge against the inclusion of trans athletes.

“A trans-identified male player from Kipp Academy in MA injured 3 girls before halftime, leading to Lowell Collegiate Charter School’s loss. A man hitting a woman used to be called domestic abuse. Now it’s called brave.” Who sees this and really thinks it is compassionate, kind and inclusive?” was the forceful message he published on social networks.

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