A 19-year-old referee violently attacked in Regional 2

A Regional 2 match, the equivalent of the 9th national division, was marked by a very serious incident and a violent attack on the center referee, Simon Lloret, aged 19. The facts occurred in a very tense meeting between Le Las and Le Beausset on Sunday in Toulon, as reported by our colleagues from Nice-Matin.

A first team stalwart, sent off for his words towards the young referee – “Don’t worry, I’ll take you back to your car!” » – punched the official in the face, knocking out. on the ground for several minutes.

complaint for assault and battery on a match official.

The meeting was obviously stopped, the Las club decided to fire the culprit, denouncing “a deplorable act which brings discredit to the entire club”. The victim filed a complaint for “assault and battery on a match official”. “I intend to continue refereeing because I want to go as high as possible and I am not going to stop for someone like him (the aggressor) who does not think of others,” assured Simon Lloret in the columns of Nice morning.

The condemnations are unanimous in the world of rugby. “Following the violent attack suffered by a referee this weekend, the National Rugby League and all of professional rugby wish to provide their deep support to Simon Lloret and his loved ones,” the LNR communicated in particular. Attacking a referee is a fatal blow to the game and to this sport built on values ​​of conviviality, respect and solidarity. Rugby cannot tolerate this type of act and the NRL will be uncompromising regarding any behavior or comments towards the game director or any other actor on and off the field. »


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