9 Must-Watch Movies and Series for NFL Fans and Newcomers

Next Sunday, February 11, the Super Bowl will be played in Las Vegas. An American football game that paralyzes the United States and that will face the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers. This year there are many incentives to continue this game. For sporting and even non-sporting reasons, such as the presence of Taylor Swift in the stands to follow his boyfriend Travis Kelce, from the Chiefs. To whet your appetite, we are going with a selection of movies and series that will delight NFL fans and They will draw attention to those who are unaware of one of the great passions of Americans.

Quarterback/el mariscal (Netflix)

Kirk Cousins, of the Minnesota Vikings; Patrick Mahomes (photo), of the Kansas City Chiefs; and Marcus Mariota, of the Philadelphia Eagles, are the three NFL stars who are tracked (on and off the fields) by this recent documentary that is a perfect preview for the Super Bowl. And the best way to understand who the quarterback is, the leader of all the teams.

Ballers (HBO Max, Netflix)

One of the great series about the NFL that you have to see no matter what. This drama with touches of comedy tells how a former player (Dwayne Johnson) goes from retirement to becoming a financial advisor to promising young people. And, from there, to being the general manager of the Kansas City Chiefs. A great piece from HBO that can also be seen on Netflix.

Invincible (Disney+)

In the US (and a little less in Spain) they really like the stories of anonymous people who manage to place themselves at the top. This film with Mark Wahlberg and Greg Kinnera tells what happened to Vince Papeale, a Philadelphia Eagles fan who ended up playing on his dream team when he signed up for a tryout. And dreams, dreams are…

Any given Sunday (Apple TV+)

If anyone wants to be motivated, they just have to watch the final speech that Al Pacino gives in this movie. A shot of motivation that can be applied to (almost) all aspects of life and that anticipates an epic ending. One of the best films about the NFL, directed by Oliver Stone and which features at a frenetic pace the fall and rise of a team always on the brink of disaster.

Last chance u (Netflix)

Running an American football team’s locker room is a very complicated task. Much more so if the players you must coach as a coach have conflicts to resolve both off and on the field. A story told with a lot of class and that explains how college football works.

Jerry Maguire (Prime Video, Filmin, Movistar Plus+)

Do you remember Tom Cruise yelling at Cuba Gooding, Jr. on his cell phone, “Show me the money!”? It was an agent talking about money to his client, an NFL player who was nothing more than another headache for an agent. guy in a lot of trouble.

Friday nigth lights

Without a doubt, one of the great series based on American football. And yet, it can be contemplated without having any idea what that sport is about. Based on a bestseller written by HG Bissinger and awarded the Pulitzer, a film was made that would later give way to this series. A production that talks about how a town in crisis lives for American football thanks to the Permian High Panthers.

American Underdog(Apple TV+, Netflix)

Shazam! star Zachary Levi stars in this story based on the life of Kurt Warner. An NFL star who didn’t have it easy until he earned his place in the Hall of Fame. This film that talks about improvement has Dennis Quaid and Anna Paquin in its cast.

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