51st Italian Indoor Championships “Memorial Giggi Cartoni” Moves to Pordenone

Different location this year for the 51st edition of the Italian Indoor Championships “Memorial Giggi Cartoni” which, after 10 years of presence, leaves the Rimini fair to move to Pordenone.

A record edition, with four intense days of competitions which saw over 1300 archers taking turns on the shooting line, including 34 Italian athletes, who, at the end of the competition, left to compete in the indoor continental event in Croatia.

Records also set by the Byzantine Archers who showed up in Pordenone with 7 qualified athletes and returned home with a class title, a team bronze medal and various placings.

For the second consecutive year Matelda Miolo is Italian Junior Class Champion in the Naked Bow division. A growing match for Matelda, who took a firm lead a few volleys from the start, imposing a peremptory 506 (246+260) on her opponents and winning the gold medal and her second Italian title, improving its personal (obtained at the CI in Rimini last year) and obtaining the company record.Â

Matelda is the only Byzantine to gain access to the fights for the absolute title. Unfortunately, she was unable to get past the round of 16, losing by 3-7 in a match played until the last arrow, where she conceded nothing to her opponent. She finishes the race in 9th place overall AN F.

For the men’s individual AN, Michele Baroncini comes close to entering the clashes and, having closed the qualifying phase in 18th position with 524 points tied with three other athletes, is called to play for the shoot-off. However, the 7 scored by the Giallorossi was not enough against a peremptory 10 scored by the Archery Club Montebelluna athlete.

The Ravenna team did another feat, again in bare arch, where Venturi-Pizzi-Tozzola grabbed the bronze medal in the MM category with a score of 1526, the first team medal in this division ever won by the Giallorossi at a Championship Italian.

The points scored by Baroncini allow the team formed by Baroncini-Venturi-Pizzi to be one of the 8 teams that can compete for the overall title.

The Ravenna team started well, winning the quarterfinals 6-2 against Medio Chienti. But it is the clash against Arco Sport Roma that makes the Giallorossi club dream in a thrilling semi-final, where the Byzantines come close to reaching the final for gold.

Starting from behind, they manage to bring the competition to 4-4 and play the shoot-off which ends in a draw once again. It will be the referee, by measuring the distance of the two respective arrows with the highest score from the center of the target, to definitively untie the knot and decree the victory for Arco Sport Roma, postponing the Romagna team’s medal hopes to the bronze final .TO

The change of field and light is not favorable to either of the two competing clubs who miss several arrows. Leading 2-0, the Byzantines were overtaken in the following volleys by the Archers of the Sun who ended the competition in their favor by winning the bronze 6-2.

Baroncini-Venturi-Pizzi, close their adventure with an excellent fourth place overall. AN Male.Â

In the OL division, Marcello Tozzola, after winning the team bronze with AN, faces the qualifications for OL on Saturday. Having started very well, he ended the first part of the race in the lead, but an M (missing, or arrow that doesn’t hit the target) on the second volley sent any hope of a podium up in smoke. Tozzola with tenacity then manages to climb back up and finish 9th in the category with a score of 553.

The other placings: for bare bow the best is Michele Baroncini (on his debut) who finishes 10th SM and 18th overall (out of 168 athletes competing) followed by Venturi (on his debut) 11th MM and 24th overall , from Pizzi 17th MM and 32nd overall and from Tozzola 43rd MM and 83rd overall.

For women we have Angela Padovani 25th AN MF and 57th overall and Donatella Domini 29th AN SF and 66th overall.

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