2024 National Judo Championship: Competing in Different Categories Based on Weight and Age

Participants will compete in different categories according to their weight and age.

The 2024 National Judo Championship, Japan Ambassador Cup, will take place this Sunday, February 24 and 25 and will have the participation of more than 600 athletes.

The tournament will be dedicated to the ambassador of Japan, Ariyoshi Katsuhide and will be held at the Cartago Sports Center in collaboration with the Costa Rican Judo Federation.

For this edition, there will be athletes from 25 different academies who will participate in the Promotion, Sub-13, Sub-15, Cadet, Junior and Master categories.

Likewise, the championship will have an inclusive category.

The judo discipline requires a commitment on the part of athletes in various aspects of life, as he pointed out. Andrés Sánchez, judoka coach:

This is not only a sporting discipline, it is also a way of life, an educational method, so its practice not only influences physical development, but also mental and emotional development.”

The competitions will be held in two days, on Saturday, February 24, it will begin at 9 in the morning and finally, Sunday, February 25, starting at 9:30 in the morning.

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