2024 CBA All-Star Weekend Tips Off in Xiamen with Exciting Lineup Announcement

The top basketball feast starts in Xiamen this Friday

CBA All-Star Weekend will be held at the Phoenix Arena, and the full lineup was announced yesterday

Xiamen Daily (Reporter Lu Pengyu) From March 1 to March 3, the 2024 CBA All-Star Weekend will be held at the Xiamen Phoenix Stadium. This is the second consecutive year that this top domestic basketball event has been held in Xiamen.

The CBA League announced the full lineup for the All-Star Weekend yesterday. Lin Wei, a Xiamen player from Nanjing Tongxi Club, will return to Xiamen again this year to participate in the All-Star Weekend. However, his status has changed from a first-year Xingrui player last year to a Nanjing player. Lin Wei, a substitute player for the district star team, said that he will not let everyone down when he returns to Xiamen to compete again. “I want to give a dunk to my relatives and friends in Xiamen.”

This year’s All-Star Weekend is the second consecutive year that Xiamen has hosted this top feast of Chinese basketball. Hu Mingxuan, Zhou Qi, Hu Jinqiu, Cui Yongxi, Sun Minghui, Zhao Rui, Abdul Saramu, Yang Hansen, Zhang Zhenlin, Zhao Jiwei and many other stars will arrive in Xiamen one after another. It is reported that a mysterious player will make a surprise appearance at Xiamen’s outdoor basketball court the day before the game.

Among the rosters announced by the CBA League yesterday, the lineups of the South and North District star teams attracted the most attention.

Starting players of the Southern District Star Team: Hu Mingxuan, Zhou Qi (Guangdong), Sun Minghui, Hu Jinqiu (Guangsha), Cui Yongxi (Longshi). Substitute players: He Xining, Shen Zijie (Shenzhen), Wang Zhelin (Shanghai), Cheng Shuipeng, Wu Qian (Zhejiang), Lin Wei (Tongxi), Xu Jie (Guangdong).

Starting players of the North District Star Team: Zhao Rui, Abdul Saramu (Xinjiang), Yang Hansen (Qingdao), Zhang Zhenlin, Zhao Jiwei (Liaoning). Substitute players: Zhang Ning (Shanxi), Zou Yuchen (Beikong), Zeng Fanbo (Beijing), Jiang Weize (Jilin), Qi Lin (Xinjiang), Wang Ruize (Qingdao), Jing Hanyi (Sichuan).

In addition to Lin Wei, Fujian elements of the CBA All-Star Weekend, Fujian men’s basketball players Zeng Lingxuan and Weng Jinlang will appear in the Xingrui game, and Li Yiyang, who formerly played for the Xiamen University men’s basketball team and is now in the Fujian men’s basketball team, will participate in the skills challenge. Foreign aids Meike and Germain participated in the dunk contest and skills contest respectively.


There are many highlights in the slam dunk contest

This year is Zhou Qi’s fifth All-Star trip, and it is also his first appearance on behalf of the Southern District. He is facing off against the 19-year-old Yang Hansen of the Northern District. He just completed his national team debut on February 22 and performed brilliantly. Eye. One is a top center in his prime, and the other is a fledgling star of hope. Their battle in the All-Star Game is worth looking forward to.

North District player Abdul Saramu successfully won the MVP in last year’s All-Star Game and continued to perform well in this year’s league. At the same time, the Xinjiang team’s performance has also improved significantly this season and is temporarily ranked second in the regular season. Can it defend its title? The star MVP is also a major attraction of this game.

The most exciting individual event of the All-Star Weekend – the slam dunk contest, also has many highlights. Can Zeng Fanbo, who participated last year, win the championship? Can the much-watched grassroots player Yi Jinhong soar into the sky? Players such as Wan Lei who were selected in the wild card round will compete on the same field.

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