12-Year-Old Thomas Trudel Takes Gold at Canadian Archery Championship: A Rising Star in the Making

Thomas Trudel, a 12-year-old boy from Lorrainville in Témiscamingue, won the gold medal at the Canadian Archery Championship which took place this weekend in Amos.

A report from Tanya Nephew

Thomas Trudel, who has been practicing archery for only a year, has just hit the target for a third time in a row. He indicates that it was perseverance that allowed him to drop out.

“The word talent can come from the bow, but it’s mostly practice,” argues the young man. It’s not the bow and all your equipment that [vont] make you shoot better, you get there by evolving.”

The young man has won five gold medals over the past year. The one he won during the Canadian Archery Championship, however, makes him particularly proud.

[Ça] still encourages me to shoot. It’s a bigger competition, it lasted three days.

A passion that is lived in family

His mother, Virginie Plumier, is also delighted with her son’s success. She started archery at the same time as Thomas.

« [Je suis une maman qui est] very, very proud of her boy, she says straight away. I would never have thought a year ago that my boy would win the Canadian championship.”

We would all like to be a role model for our children, so I hope I inspired and encouraged him in that.

Other competitions to come

Thomas will continue training on a daily basis. He will participate in two other competitions within a month and wants to encourage other young people to practice this sport.

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