“What do you say to Giroud who says he prays before every match?” : Benzema’s lawyer explains

“What do you say to Giroud who says he prays before every match?”  : Benzema’s lawyer explains

By Le Figaro

Published yesterday at 10:18 p.m., Updated 10 minutes ago

Karim Benzema’s lawyer explains the reason for the complaint against the Minister of the Interior. – / AFP

Lawyer for Karim Benzema, Me Hugues Vigier returns, for BFMTV, to the complaint filed against Gérald Darmanin and the “bad boy label” attached to his client.

Karim Benzema «in notorious connection» with the Muslim Brotherhood? This is what Gérald Darmanin declared last October. And this earned the Minister of the Interior a defamation complaint. A procedure that the former Real player would not have launched if the tenant of Place Beauvau had not reiterated his comments at the end of the year, as explained by his lawyer, Me Hugues Viguier, on BFMTV . «It was a shock, a lot of anger and prejudice“, he swears, affirming that the 36-year-old former French international (97 caps, 37 goals) “receives hate messages» and “menaces“. On the merits, there is no doubt for Me Viguier: “He has no connection with the Muslim Brotherhood».

Me Hugues Viguier ultimately believes that it is religion that poses the problem in this story. “It is said that he would do a sort of proselytism. What do you say to Olivier Giroud who says he prays before each match? That doesn’t shock me. But he’s a Christian and that’s not a problem. When it is Benzema who says that he is a believer, we must believe that Islam is the religion which poses a problem. He has no right to say that he is happy to make his pilgrimage. We must have the same respect for everyone. Karim Benzema has always been labeled a bad boy», he insists, still on BFMTV . Remember that Mr. Darmanin spoke last fall following a message on X (ex-Twitter) from the former Lyonnais, who had sent his “prayers (to) the people of Gaza victims once again of these unjust bombings which spare neither women nor children».

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Complaint against Zemmour to follow?

Note that Karim Benzema could soon take other legal action. Particularly against Éric Zemmour. “We are considering it very seriously. Time is short. If it happens it will happen very soon. It’s bordering on obscurantism», slips Me Viguier, also assuring that his client will very quickly return to Saudi Arabia after having “was held by the cyclone» in Mauritius, as some sources had suggested. Benzema’s situation at Al-Ittihad has been complicated for several weeks and some sources suggest that he could even leave Saudi Arabia a few months after arriving there.


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