Veilchen Ladies Chargeable in Women’s Basketball Bundesliga Game Against Alba Berlin

Women’s Basketball Bundesliga


Veilchen ladies have nothing to lose at Alba Berlin

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At Alba Berlin, the Veilchen Ladies have to do everything they can to survive.

“You have no chance, take advantage of it”: The saying could be the motto of the Violet Ladies on Sunday. Because the Bundesliga basketball players are guests of Alba Berlin, second in the table.

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Berlin. The Veilchen Ladies are heading to the capital on Sunday: The Bundesliga basketball players’ away game against second-placed Alba Berlin begins at 6 p.m. For the managing director of the Göttingen team, Richard Crowder, it is the “easiest game of the season” – after all, his team has nothing to lose.

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2024-01-19 14:00:45
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