Varese Basketball Makes History with Braille Night in European Basketball

Varese Basketball Makes History with Braille Night in European Basketball

Varese Basketball celebrates an unprecedented event in European basketball at 4.30pm: Braille Night. On this special occasion, the red and white team will face Umana Reyer Venezia in a match that goes beyond a simple sporting match. For the first time, a European professional basketball team will take to the field with uniforms bearing the word “Varese” in Braille, in a gesture of solidarity towards the blind and visually impaired community.

This initiative, which follows World Braille Day, represents an important step forward in inclusion and awareness of visual impairment. During the match, the audience will live a unique experience: a minute of play in the dark to use their other senses and rediscover basketball in a new dimension.

Pallacanestro Varese, in collaboration with the Fondazione Istituto dei Ciechi di Milano and the Museo Tattile Varese, has organized various initiatives to promote Braille literacy and support the blind community. The shirts worn during the match will be sold at auction, with the proceeds going to the Real Eyes Sport association.

On the sporting front, today’s match is the 105th between Varese and Venice, with Varese having the historic lead (64-38). The first leg match saw Varese prevail 102-88, thanks to the performances of Wiltjer and Brooks. For Varese, the absence of Leonardo Okeke, recovering from an injury, has a different flavor given that the player made his Serie B debut after 10 months. From Venice, Andrea De Nicolao, former Varese player, he will return to face his old team.

Niccolò Mannion, playmaker from Varese, emphasizes the importance of the match and the approach necessary to face the championship leaders: “The key to the match is linked to the fact that we will have to play our basketball by putting a lot of energy and defending very well. Physically they they are well equipped so we will have to be ready from this aspect, but we will also need energy from a mental point of view. Sold out arena? Already against Reggio Emilia the atmosphere was beautiful; I expect the same sensations.”

Braille Night is not just a sporting event, but also a moment of sharing and inclusion, which underlines the role of basketball as a sport that unites and shares fundamental values.

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