Tragic Death of Sports Star Maricet Espinosa After Breast Surgery

Sports day Maricet Espinosa dies after breast surgery

January 25, 2024, 7:59 a.m

Maricet Espinosa was only 34 years old.

(Photo: image sports photo service)

A few years ago, Maricet Espinosa was in the round of 16 in judo at the Olympic Games (2016 in Rio de Janeiro) and also won gold medals at the Pan American Games. Now the 34-year-old suffers a heart attack and dies as a result of an operation. In her home country of Cuba she was celebrated for her achievements – now there is great pain. Sports Minister Osvaldo C. Vento Montiller announced on According to various media reports, the Cuban underwent breast surgery. After the procedure, however, her body suddenly sounded the alarm and Espinosa suffered a heart attack. All help came too late, her life ended at the young age of 34.

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