“There were very difficult periods”: long injured, Marie-Antoinette Katoto finds a smile again

PSG will have missed Marie-Antoinete Katoto. But after a blank 2022-23 season, missed due to a knee injury contracted during Euro 2022, the scorer and number 9 of the women’s club in the capital was finally able to play a series of matches and experience a first part of the season full, with 15 matches played (6 goals, 3 assists).

“I didn’t expect to make such a mark on this first part of the season,” she confided, laughing, in an interview published by the club’s media. I doubted. This is the quality where I lost the least. » Generally speaking, she confides that the return to her best level will be slow: “I will be very patient, I am in a hurry without being in a hurry,” she says. I had to be demanding as well as patient, but the demands took precedence due to our schedule.”

She also returned to her long absence, of more than a year, and her choice to stay away from the group to prepare for her return to competition. “It was complicated, there were very difficult periods. It was my desire to put myself aside, I wanted to leave the team and the staff in their bubble. When you’re a player, you don’t necessarily have time to think about others, about the injured. I think I was wrong. It’s important when you’re away to be able to stay on the team. »

“Here at the Campus, everything is big, everything is magnificent”

“You are helpless, not being able to do anything is difficult but I was patient,” she said again. I was convinced that it would come gradually, even if I was a little scared after certain matches. »

While the women’s team plays this Tuesday evening, against Lille (9 p.m.), its very first match at the PSG Campus in Poissy, which the women’s and youth sections of the club joined at the start of the year, it also underlined his satisfaction with this move upmarket for the team and this common living space for all sections of the club.

“Here at the Campus, everything is big, everything is magnificent,” emphasizes Katoto. It’s proof that the club is growing. He also makes great efforts for his women’s section. It’s great for women’s football, and we want to continue to grow. These are the first times we meet with the band, the boys and the girls. We’re happy to be able to share our matches, we follow each other, we encourage each other, it’s a good thing that we become a little more like a family. If necessary I will be there for the Titis and it is a pride to have the women’s team here. »


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