The women’s team gets going

Marián Mouriño is about to fulfill the promise he made last December when he took over from his father as president of Celta: that the club would have a women’s team starting in the 2024-25 season. Negotiations with Viajes Interrías are very advanced to reach a merger agreement between both entities, so Celta would compete next season in women’s football. The Sanxenxo team occupies the top positions in the Second Women’s Federation, North Group, currently the third national category. At the Galician level, Interrías is only ahead of Deportivo Abanca, which competes in the First Federation after passing through the highest category, which is now known as the Women’s League.

“We want to start next season with some project, even if it is small, for women’s football.” That was the message that Marián Mouriño launched at the general assembly in which she became the first president in the history of Celta. And the new leader is about to fulfill these words, since the agreement with Viajes Interrías is about to fall, although A Sede warns that they are also evaluating “other options”, in addition to those of the Sanxenxo team. The club has been working for days on how to articulate the project and resolving with the help of the Spanish Federation the sporting and judicial issues that must be organized before announcing the agreement.

Celta’s reluctance to have a women’s team was based on the lack of sufficient infrastructure to have training teams, as in men’s football. From A Sede they then insisted on rejecting the model of many First Division clubs of forming only a senior team without having a quarry. Madroa can’t wait any longer and Afouteza is pending the development of his comprehensive project, which includes a dozen soccer fields.

The arrival of Marián Mouriño to the presidency marked a change of course in this regard. “We have the limitations of the facilities, we have few fields and locker rooms to combine these themes, but we did studies on women’s football in Vigo and Galicia,” admitted the new president when taking office. In addition, Celta has analyzed the legal and sporting implications of a possible merger, in addition to consulting with the sporting authorities and the Spanish Football Federation.

Viajes Interrías was founded in 2016 in Vilalonga with the intention of promoting women’s football in this parish in the municipality of Sanxenxo. In addition to the first team of the Second Women’s Federation, which plays its matches at the San Pedro field, the club has lower categories, so the youth team is one of its hallmarks.

Although at A Sede they point out that they are considering other options, Viajes Interrías is the favorite to merge with Celta. In this agreement it will be necessary to establish the name that the new team would have, where it would play its home games and whether Vigo would have sports facilities to promote the youth team, as in Vilalonga.

In this process to provide the Vigo club with a women’s team, Marián Mouriño has the help of the Celtic advisor Xisela Aranda. The seven-time Spanish squash champion also stood out as a player for Tenerife, of the Primera Femenina, for four seasons. Now, Celta also wants to have a women’s team to try to reach the highest category of Spanish football.

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