The public prosecutor speaks of natural death

The Frankfurt (Oder) public prosecutor’s office sees no signs of foul play in the death of Hertha President Kay Bernstein and “most likely assumes a natural death”. This is the preliminary result of the autopsy of the club boss’s body, as a spokeswoman for the German Press Agency confirmed on Thursday. Toxicological and histological samples were still taken, which still needed time to be examined.

This is a standard procedure in such a case to finally clarify the cause of death. It is still unclear when the results will be available, said the spokeswoman. Bernstein’s body has now been released.

After the club boss’s sudden death at the age of 43, a death investigation was initiated in Brandenburg, where Bernstein lived on the outskirts of Berlin. This is a normal process when the cause of death is unclear, said a police spokeswoman.

Published/Updated: Recommendations: 8 Sebastian Stier, Berlin Published/Updated: Recommendations: 26 Published/Updated: 31 minutes ago

Bernstein’s death caused great sympathy and consternation across the country. The former lead singer in the Ostkurve had been president of his club since mid-2022. He was extremely popular with Hertha supporters because he made the club more approachable and down-to-earth again. Numerous fans and many people from football honored him in the past few days.


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