The journalist who published that the Xunta commissioned the removal of the pellets from a company linked to the PP: “There are personal photos”

The Xunta has commissioned a communications and marketing company, supposedly linked to the PP, to part of the cleaning of the pellets.

In one of the audios with one of the managers of this company, he tells the workers: “Silman 97 will hire you and it is 150 euros net per day”

Have they hired a marketing company to clean the pellets?

The Xunta has commissioned a communication and marketing companysupposedly linked to the PP, part of the cleaning the pellets. This company would be dealing for the first time with the training of volunteers who collect these pellets from the Galician coast.

According to ‘El Salto’, ‘Sulman 97’ A marketing company associated with the PP for years would be in charge of these works.

In one of thethe audios with one of those responsible of this company, tells the workers: “They will be hired by Silman 97. 150 euros net per day. In principle it is a week of work, but it can be more.” If we enter the company website, we can only see that Silman 97 is only a communication and marketing company, and it does not seem to have no relation to the cleaning of sandy areas.

From The Xunta de Galicia denies this informationalthough they do confirm that they have hired several companies to clean the sands, but none of them would be this company in question.

Have they hired a marketing company to clean the pellets?

The news was published in the media ‘El Salto’, and ‘Four a day’ has connected with the author of this information, Javier Rodríguez. The journalist assures that the Xunta does tell him that he was in charge of that company, although they did not give him more details.

On the other hand, Javier Rodríguez explains that the Xunta is managing the issue of pellets like the Prestige catastrophe, although he admits that it is not comparable. The journalist confesses that investigating which companies were responsible for the Prestige disaster, the audio came into your hands of the person in charge who spoke about the working conditions of the pellet collectors.

“In the audio itself, the head of the company admits to working for the Xunta and we have compared it with other workers who have signed the contract with them”

In reference to the plot related to the PP, This journalist affirms that Silman 97 is one of the branches of a business group called ’90 Business Corporation’related to Gerardo Fernández dawnone of the first presidents of the Xunta.


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