The Impact of Administrative Slowness and Corruption on Chad’s Business Environment

One of the major problems plaguing Chad is administrative slowness, in particular the complexity of procedures, often a source of corruption.

The facilitation and acceleration of administrative procedures has become a real business. In front of each ministry and administrative office, we meet intermediaries offering to take charge of the files to speed up their processing, until they are finalized.

This practice, similar to that of dockers in travel agencies loading and unloading baggage, has become a well-known source of corruption.

Indeed, in all ministries across the country, obtaining preferential treatment often involves “monetizing” a person’s services. Let’s take the example of creating an association. According to official texts, this should cost nothing.

However, to obtain an operating authorization at the national level, several documents must be provided, including the basic texts (statutes and internal regulations), a minute of the constituent assembly, an organization chart of the executive office, the attendance list of the constituent assembly, as well as a request for authorization stamped 1,200 FCFA addressed to the Minister of Territorial Administration.

The file is then sent to the Ministry of Security for a morality investigation, then returns to the Ministry of Administration for the operating authorization order, a process which can take up to forty-five days.

Obtaining this authorization can cost more than fifty thousand CFA francs, with informal fees at each stage to move the file forward. Without these payments, we can expect endless delays and back-and-forths.

This administrative slowness, which could be resolved without spending a lot of money, persists, because many civil servants see these transactions as a profession in their own right, even with the digitalization underway in certain ministries.

2024-01-17 22:41:26
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