The Fall of Philippe Coutinho: From Star Signing to Struggling Career

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A career thrown away. The reality of Philippe Coutinho shows the complete decline of a player called to mark an era at Can Barça. Curiously, yesterday, January 6, 2024, six years passed since the ruinous signing of him in exchange for 135 million euros coming from the Liverpool. He was pierced Barça in 2022, which has 50% of a future saleand saw in the Premier League the opportunity to enhance your career.

He went to Aston Villabut Unai Emery He did not count on it and a way out was actively sought. The chosen destination was Al Duhail of Qatara team he joined on loan for a season, taking, once again, a step back in his career.

Far from the media spotlight, and without the competitive rhythm of the big leagues, the playmaker suffered some injuries that prevented him from adding matches in Qatar. Obviously, in the few duels that he has played he has delivered. The quality that he possesses is infinitely superior to that of his rivals in the exotic league. But yes, there is still no trace of that version of the Coutinho that captivated in the Liverpool.

He arrived in Doha in September and has only played 11 duels adding a total of 713 minutes, four goals y an assistance. When his loan ends, she will return to Birmingham, but the reality remains the same. Emery He doesn’t want it and another way will be found.


Now a new scenario opens up for the former footballer of the Barça. According to MLS Multiplex sources, it is most likely that a way out will be sought for him in the form of a loan, since there will be few suitors to sign him permanently. At least, for a price similar to the one paid by the Aston Villa two years ago (20 million euros). Although the club will negotiate with anyone interested in signing him.

The MLS It sounds especially strong. Specifically, the Inter Miami of Leo Messi and company, or LA Galaxy. At the time, the Basque da Gama, from Brazil. Six years ago, when she arrived in Barcelona as the star in charge of making people forget the magic of Neymarfew would think that, at only 31 years old, he would be in this situation.

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