The Evolving Relationship Between Daria Kasatkina and Jelena Ostapenko

The relationship between Daria Kasatkina y Jelena Ostapenko It has been filled with many ups and downs over time. A few years ago they did not maintain good ties, in fact it was evident on the tracks in their confrontations. Without going any further, we will all remember that cold handshake that they had at the US Open in 2017. In addition, Kasatkina herself confessed at that time in an interview that there had been a lot of tension between them for years. However, things have changed a lot since then and both have taken their relationship for the better. The latest demonstration of this could be seen at the awards ceremony of the Adelaida WTA when the Russian said: “First I would like to congratulate Jelena on a great week. We had our problems before, but now I am very happy that we can be on the same stage, in a peaceful environment. I think that’s great.”

To which Ostapenko responded: “I would like to congratulate Daria on a great week for you and your team. I hope we play many more finals because we are good friends. It is a pleasure to share the court with you.”

2024-01-13 10:28:29
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