The 2023 World Cup has become the most watched rugby tournament of all time

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Published 38 minutes ago, Updated now

This 2023 World Cup won by the Springbok surpassed all audience records. Mickael Chavet / Zuma / Panoramic

This World Cup which took place in France (September 8-October 28) surpassed all records in terms of international audience.

Even if the scenario was cruel for the XV of France, its World Cup is described as a success, at least by the organizers. With an audience that has reached new heights, rugby has been able to reach a new target.

1.33 billion hours watched across all platforms. Here is the colossal figure reached by this 2023 edition of the Rugby World Cup in France. It thus became the most watched oval ball competition of all time.

With more than 85% of its matches broadcast unencrypted, this competition has also reached a new audience. In the United States and even in Germany, audiences have never been so strong. Despite a global trend of declines in audiovisual audiences, this 2023 edition attracted 30% more audiences than in 2015 in England and 19% more than in 2019 in Japan.



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