The 10 Most Expensive Autographed Items in History: If you have one of these, you’re rich

The 10 Rarest Autographed Items Ever: If you have one of these, you’re rich (Monday 8 January 2024)
Few know that some objects autographed they can be worth a lot, and in some rarevery many cases even millions of euros. The autograph collecting market is vast and varied, and thanks to an autograph an object can become rare and valuable. But let’s get to the point: what are the most expensive autographs ever recorded at a sale? In today’s article we will list some of the objects autographed most expensive in history. Joe DiMaggio and Marylin Monroe autographed memorabilia – retail price $191,200 DiMaggio was a legendary baseball player and Marilyn Monroe, well we all know, was a Hollywood icon. They divorced after Monroe had an affair with baseball legend Mickey Mantle. During their short time together, they were …Read on blowingpost

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