SV Ried Prepares for Test Match Against WSG Tirol, Announces Departures and New Addition

On Friday, SV Ried will play a test match against Bundesliga club WSG Tirol in the Klaus Roitinger Stadium.

Nikola Stosic and Marc Andre Schmerböck will not be part of the “Vikings”. According to information from “OÖN”, the two players no longer have a future in the Rieder fighting team.

16 year old comes from Vienna

Stosic has a contract until 2025, but will not cost a potential buyer any transfer fee. The 23-year-old is currently keeping fit with the Young Vikings.

Schmerböck’s contract, on the other hand, expires next summer. The striker moved to Ried as a free agent in July 2023. No stone would be put in his way either.

SV Ried can also announce a new addition. 16-year-old Joris Boguo comes from the Vienna city league team SV Donau and will initially join the Young Vikings.

2024-01-18 12:01:24
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