Successful Tournament at TC Leuze Draws Competition from Near and Far

Impossible to do better for the TC of Leuze. Welcoming 99 players on its fast courts, the number was as full as an egg. “We only have two indoor areas and therefore made the decision to limit ourselves to the first 100 registered, says Anthony Fazzino, one of the referees. 24 hours after registration opened, the gauge was already full.

With the game of unregistrations and re-registrations, the Leuzois committee welcomed 99 competitors. “Including some who did not hesitate to travel. We received people from Mouscron, Brussels, Flanders, but also Andenne! By talking to the players a little, we understood that the desire to play among tournament regulars was very strong. As we were the only club to organize a competition in Hainaut last week, the categories filled up very quickly.

The Leuzois not only organized the tournament, they also registered their name on the list of winners in certain categories. The young Émile Delepine even signed the Gentlemen 6 and Gentlemen 5 double, categories in which a slew of young players from the club have distinguished themselves. The referee Emmanuel Gillain also shone by winning the Gentlemen 35 years 4, while his sidekick at the table, Nathan Remy, performed twice to reach the final table of the Gentlemen 2, won by the Mouscronnois Christophe Lebrun.

Already a victory for Mika Dugailliez

A new season is an opportunity to see new faces, but also to meet regulars who already couldn’t stand seeing their rackets gathering dust. Among them, Michaël Dugailliez did not need a warm-up round. “I am very happy with my tournament, with a semi-final in Gentlemen 3 and the trophy in Gentlemen 35 years 3, says the original Brussels resident. I am affiliated with Vautour, but when I arrived in the region, I landed in Leuze. Besides, I was a bit of a regional person for the stage, since I live in Willaupuis.“As for his goals, this tennis enthusiast will discover them as the season progresses.”As in previous years, I plan to participate in around ten tournaments.“And maybe still grab one or the other ranking.”In recent years I have moved from C15.1 to B+2/6. For the rest, we’ll see.“Mika is too modest, but we feel that he would not spit on the B0 badge.

Suddenly, it was his opponent in the semi-final among the junior veterans who pushed him there. “For me, you play B-2/6, easy, assures Mouscronnois Christophe Mieszalski. In addition, overall, the rankings have been devalued a little with the reform. Take my example: I stopped playing tennis 15 years ago. I was then classified B + 2/6. And there, in half a season, while I had gone down to C15.2, I am back to B2! However, I am broken everywhere.

Very present on the circuit last year, Christophe will be there again in 2024. “Tennis was a thing of the past. But I was convinced to try again at the start of the year and it only took a few minutes for the virus to take hold of me again. I will participate in all the tournaments in Mouscron and Tournai, probably. I don’t usually run to Leuze, but after a three-month break, I was itching.

Those who were not lucky enough to find a place for Leuze will be able to make up for it with the RTC Tournai tournament, which begins on December 28.

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