Success for Reggio Archers at Campagna European Archery Championships

The Campagna European archery championships ended in Cesana and San Sicario, in Piedmont, and the archers from Reggio came out well, with Irene Franchini’s silver medal in the compound, Fabio Ibba’s seventh place in the compound and the eleventh of Livia Fabris in the bare bow.

Franchini, together with Simone Barbieri of the Malin Archery Team and Cecilia Santacroce of Ypsilon Cavriago, will be on the same competition fields again this week, in the specialty of 3D shooting. Barbieri competes in the bare bow, Santacroce in the longbow.

Irene Franchini, a native of Castelnovo Monti, is a member of the Fiamme Azzurre and has won a lot in her career, even taking part in the Sydney 2000 Olympics at a very young age.

In the recent Piedmontese matches she did well until the initial part of the final against the German Julia Bohenke: then she made some mistakes, losing 63 to 58 and finishing in second place.

Fabio Ibba and Livia Fabris also defended themselves well: the former, Sardinian and member of the Arcieri del Torrazzo, came 7th after fifth place in qualifying, the latter, from Scandiano of Orione Casalgrande, placed 11th.


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