Sergio Fajardo Blamed for Independiente Medellín’s 5-0 Defeat: What Really Happened?

Medellín was beaten 5-0 by the ambassador in League I, and social networks exploded. What happened?

Independiente Medellín was a victim of Millonarios on date 1 of the BetPlay I-2024 League. The powerful visited the El Campín stadium, in Bogotá, and was humiliated and devastated by his rival, who barely scored the first goal of the game after just 20 seconds, and in 16 minutes of play he already won by three goals.

DIM fell 5-0 and suffered a painful defeat in its debut, which provoked criticism of coach Alfredo Arias and his team.

However, social networks exploded against a renowned Colombian politician, blaming him for the defeat of the DIM.

This is Sergio Fajardo, who has been a candidate for the presidency of Colombia. The former mayor of Medellín and former governor of Antioquia is a self-confessed fan of Independiente Medellín, and published images in El Campín, as he went to see the powerful player in his debut in the 2024 season.

“Fifty years ago I came to El Campín de Bogotá for the first time to see my team, the powerful DIM, play. Today I return, with the same nerves and excitement as the first time. This year yes,” Fajardo wrote on his Twitter account.

Sergio Fajardo himself accepted the game on social networks and its virality, which is why he reacted and responded to Millonarios, for the defeat he gave to DIM. He took it with grace.

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