Real Sociedad imposes its category with an own goal from Einar Galilea

Real Sociedad qualified for the round of 16 of the Copa del Rey football by beating Málagatwo categories below, with an own goal from central Einar Galilea, in a match in which they suffered at times, despite the dominance, and against an Andalusian team that had some pretty clear opportunities.

The San Sebastian team presented a guaranteed starting eleven with many internationals such as Álvaro Odriozola, Martín Zubimendi, Mikel Merino, Brais Méndez and Mikel Oyarzabal. For its part, Málaga made rotations, but its coach Sergio Pellicer also arranged a starting team with important players with a Real Sociedad past such as the right back Jokin Gabilondo or the midfielder Luca Sangalli.

Málaga subdued the Basque team in the first minutes, dominating and pressing in the center of the field, where it did not allow them to think and get into the rhythm necessary for the game.

Despite the Malaguista dominance, The first chance was for Real Sociedad in a lateral foul, where midfielder Brais Méndez shot directly at goal, but goalkeeper Carlos López cleared it for a corner.

As the minutes passed, Real Sociedad began to impose its greatest quality and dominance, with a vertical football led by Mikel Merino, Brais Méndez and Zubimendi.

The warnings came from the people of San Sebastian, Málaga offered him the ball and gave up the offensive power shown at the beginning, and again in another foul, now it was Oyarzabal, with a header, who was able to score when the ball touched the left post.

Oyarzabal himself, very impetuous and active, made goalkeeper Carlos López act, in another shot, after a serve from the left.

He Málaga He was overwhelmed and seemed powerless to stop the Donostiarra teamwho took a while to pick up the thread of the match, although in some sporadic action he showed his efforts, such as the one that happened with the left back Víctor García, who shot at the post and the rebound was not taken advantage of by forward Roberto Fernández either.

The break, with 0-0, translated into equality in both teams: perhaps somewhat superior to Real Sociedad, which imposed its greater experience and quality, although without any return on the scoreboard.

The coach of Real Sociedad, Imanol Alguacilmade the first two changes with the entries of forward Carlos Fernández and midfielder Beñat Turrientes, instead of the Russian Arsen Zakharian and Martín Zubimendi.

The changes worked for the San Sebastián team, because, after a foul headed by Mikel Merino, it was the Malaguista centre-back Einar Galilea who put the ball into his goal at the moment of clearing and due to the opposition of Carlos Fernández who just came onto the field.

The most difficult thing had been done by Real Sociedad against a responsive Málaga, who advanced lines with the changes and went for the tie, although without success or punch.

The match came to an end with the Malaguista team trying to force a tie and one Real society controlling the rhythmdefending and seeking to end the match in some way, as happened to Oyarzabal, who beat goalkeeper Carlos López, but it was Eiar Galilea, who prevented the goal.

Málaga responded with a shot from David Larrubia, openly, alone inside the large area, but he filled the ball, put his body wrong and went wide.

They were the last options of the locals, with a passionate public, who helped their team to try the manly thing, which did not come, with a Real Sociedad having a bad time.

In the end, 0-1, in a good match with pace and in which Real Sociedad obtained a satisfactory result and qualification thanks to the aforementioned own goal by Galilea.


0 – Malaga: Carlos Lopez; Gabilondo, Murillo (Dioni, M.54), Einar Galilea, Moussa, Victor Garcia; Anthony (Kevin Medina, M.54), Sangalli (Manu Molina, M.78), John (Dani Lawrence, M.54), Aaron Ochoa (Larrubia, M.65) and Roberto.

1- Real Sociedad: Marrero; Odriozola (Kieran Tierny, M.79), Zubeldia, Le Normand, Aihen Muñoz (Elustondo, M.79); Zakharyan (Carlos Fernández, M.46), Brais Mendes, Zubimendi (Beñat Turrientes, M.46), Mikel Merino; Barrenechea (Jon Magunazelaia, M.72) and Oyarzabal.

Goal: 0-1, M.49: Einar Galilea (pp).

Referee: Gil Manzano (Extremeño Committee). He cautioned Juanpe (M.48) and Moussa (M.51), for Málaga, and Aihen Muñoz (M.62) and Carlos Fernández (M.63), for Real Sociedad.

Incidents: Match corresponding to the third round of the Copa del Rey football match played at the La Rosaleda stadium in Málaga in front of around 23,000 spectators.

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