Qinwen Zheng Reflects on Defeat in 2024 Australian Open Final

Qinwen Zheng Reflects on Defeat in 2024 Australian Open Final

After a brilliant path in this 2024 Australian Open, the Chinese tennis player could not offer her best version against an imperial Aryna Sabalenka. Minutes later, at a press conference, she tried to take in the positive aspects of the experience.

We knew that the exam was of maximum height, but many embraced the unpredictable nature of the women’s circuit, where anything could happen in a final. It was not in this case, with an outstanding Aryna Sabalenka capable of sealing the title in 76 minutes. He slipped out of her hands Qinwen Zhengsurpassed in the tennis aspect and also the mental one, although everyone has been able to see her potential in this Open the Australia. The Asian player went to the press room before closing this unforgettable experience.

Rating of the final

“I think the problem has been starting the match a little slowly, I haven’t been able to practice my tennis either. The difference has been in the shifts of duty, where she has been able to maintain it and I have not. The starting break hurt me a lot, although I later had opportunities to recover it with a 0-40, but I couldn’t do it. I have not been able to compete in the important points of the match, in the end that makes the difference. Sabalenka has raised his level a lot, leading the scoreboard without looking back, everything has gone too fast. She is a very aggressive player, she deserves this victory, although I think she could have done a little better.”

Nerves are no excuse

“The truth is that my nerves were good, but I felt that I started too slowly, there were some opportunities at the beginning that I couldn’t get. But if we talk about nervousness, I think I was good. The difference with Aryna is that she has many more weapons, she takes the rhyme away from you much faster than other players, that was the difference.”

Facing Sabalenka

“If you want to compete against her, first of all you have to keep your own games on serve, because she also has a great serve. I couldn’t do it today, especially at the beginning, with 0-2 down. She is a very aggressive player, her intention was to keep the ball a little longer during exchanges, but without ceasing to be as aggressive as she is. It is evident that today I could not give my best, it is a shame for me, I am aware that I can do much better than what I played.”

Motivated after defeat

“It’s difficult right now, maybe I have to work more on my tennis, also on my mental part, you work more on myself to be able to overcome this moment. If you lose, there is some reason behind that loss, so we have to find out what it is and then come back stronger, to do better next time. The experience, in general, has been positive, I am improving little by little, we knew that Sabalenka was one of the strongest rivals that we could face. I need to improve a lot more to be able to face situations like this next time.”

Proud of her tournament

“I have had several difficult matches along the way where I have been able to stay competitive in those difficult moments, fight until I win the match, even if I was not playing my best tennis. Despite not feeling well, I always stayed in the games. Actually, I think I can learn more from this loss today, I just hope that next time I can come back a better tennis player, much stronger.”

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