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After seven months of filming in the Canary Islands, the series Zorro, directed by Javier Quintas, Jorge Saavedra and José Luis Alegrías, had a premiere in Mexico City prior to its premiere this Friday the 19th on Prime Video.

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The protagonists paraded along the black carpet to watch the first of the 10 episodes that make up the season with guests.

Emiliano Zurita who plays the antagonist Enrique Sánchez Monasterios, captain of the Mexican Army, declared to El Sol de México: “I will be faced with Miguel Bernardeau, who is Diego de la Vega, or what is the same, Zorro. It is true that I will be the antagonist, but for a background of the plot and that leads me to an evolution in the story without stagnation.”

Zurita will soon premiere Autos, mota y rock and rock and roll, a series about the true story of the Avándaro Festival, which will be available in streaming. “The platforms lead us to more job opportunities, since we compete internationally and as a Mexican the competition is very interesting, as it will be with Zorro, we are mostly Mexican cast and we all did the best we could when recreating the characters” .

In the case of actress Renata Notni, who plays Lolita Márquez, she says that she bears the disdain of her father, Tadeo Márquez (Andrés Almeida), an ambitious landowner who wanted a boy as his firstborn.

“I had to learn to handle a sword, shotguns and ride a horse. Before starting filming, we all had more than four weeks of training, we spent eight months away from our homes. We had an intense physical and mental preparation, it was worth the effort, I urge you to enjoy it so that you can give us your critique, which has me excited, Lolita breaks the mold and not because of rebellion, but because of the free spirit she possesses.

“As women we have long sought empowerment, those of us today are free and that is what we hope to continue seeing in real life and now on screen,” she adds.

“’Zorro’ is going to love the audience because it is a timeless story. It touches on universal themes, injustice, the struggle for land, oppression, female empowerment, seen in a modern way to connect with today’s youth.”

The protagonist Miguel Bernardeau added in the interview: “I achieved a very nice experience, especially for my inner child, and I enjoyed it more with the Mexican cast, a great team of camaraderie and great friendships. We had very hard months of filming and at the same time it was very rewarding.”

For the Spanish actor, the most difficult part of the characterization was not so much riding a horse, mastering shotguns, swords and in his case the whip, but, as he stated, the use of costumes. “I had a lot of conflict with the mask because since it is made of latex there is no perspiration so I sweated and sweated and it caused problems for my face, I had to resort to ointments.”

However, he adds: “more than having damage to my face from the mask, I ended up with a lot of body pain from so many months on horseback. However, it was all worth it to live this experience. A series of adventures, action and that left me with a lot of pain in my back that has now disappeared. Not only have I worked on Elite, I have also done more stories, but with Zorro, in my case I had a lot of fun.”

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Ana Layevska is another villain in Zorro, she is named the Machiavellian Russian, Irina Ivanova. She arrived at the premiere location in San Ángel, stating that “in this series, feminine power goes hand in hand with the prominence of ‘Zorro’, all women are powerful, in the metaphorical and literal sense. My character is Machiavellian, one of those typical women who say that behind a man there is always a great woman. Irina is going to be very close to the Márquez family, there must be a reason, right?

The actress comments that when she was filming Zorro, “what I missed most were my daughters, my husband; be away from them”, and she is ready for the second season of the series Doctora Lucía alongside Marimar Vega for TV Azteca.

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