Pioli, I would never have whistled for Jimenez’s foul – Football

Stefano Pioli turns up his nose at the refereeing decisions that characterized Milan-Atalanta, the Italian Cup quarter-final won by the Bergamo players 2-1. “From the pitch I would never have risked Jimenez’s foul”, which instead cost the penalty the 1-2. “I didn’t have the sensation of the contact, for me it wasn’t a penalty – he says -. And even seeing it again I struggle to understand why it was awarded and then the referee’s choice was justified”.

Pioli also talks about Holm’s touch of the arm in full recovery, which could have been worth the penalty for Milan.

“Even in this last episode I struggle to understand why I didn’t go to see him again at the VAR,” says Pioli of Di Bello.

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2024-01-10 22:59:59
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