Phoenix Suns Shaping Up as Contenders with Big Three of Beal, Durant, and Booker

The current Suns are already beginning to look like what we imagined months ago, exactly when we learned that Bradley Beal was joining a team that already had Kevin Durant and Devin Booker. At that moment they were labeled as one of the favorites for the ring, and it was the most normal thing in the world. They basically had three of the best players in the NBA and now it was about fitting them together and making them grow together. It has cost them – injuries through – but they are achieving it.

Last night, hosting the Indiana Pacers, they showed mental strength to get out of a slump that almost cost them the game. Clearer: with less than eight minutes left they were winning by nine points and three were losing by two… Yes, they conceded a 12-0 run that almost ruined all the work they had done, but that was when the talent Phoenix’s almost unrivaled decided.

Kevin Durant, author of up to 40 points, scored a triple to wake his team from lethargy, and later between Beal and Booker – they finished with 25 and 26 points respectively – they ended up certifying the local victory by 117-110. It was the fifth in a row, adding three of them on the road to be tied 24-18 with the Dallas Mavericks for sixth place in the Western Conference. The Suns seem to have found their way with KD.

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Questioned about the good moment the team is experiencing, Booker believes that the fact that everyone is healthy is key, since in the decisive moments of the matches they have multiple options to finish off the rival. «It is the definition of choosing your poison. If we all come in with an aggressive mindset, it will be difficult to stop us. Especially at the end of the games,” he says.

Normally they are happy in the Arizona organization, but there are still important problems to solve. Last night, for example, they scored 117 points, but only nine came from the bench… Now it helps them win games, but in the playoffs it is difficult to imagine them reaching the Finals this way.

0-2 with Siakam

As for the Pacers, Siakam’s arrival is still in coupling mode. The former Toronto player is not playing badly, but the fact of not having Tyrese Haliburton last night, who must put the entire team in order, is decisive for the positive results to arrive as before. In any case, they cannot get lost in Indiana, since they are on the verge of directly entering the playoffs.

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