Passing on the Legacy: The Pansini Family and Team Palomba Francesco

Free wrestling, the Pansini family with Team Palomba Francesco from Molfetta The Pansini family

MOLFETTA – November 26, 2023 was a day to remember for the people of Molfetta who have always practiced martial arts. On that date, in fact, in Martina Franca, in the Italian Cup wrestling competition, Francesco Pansini, still thirty-five years old (which represents the age limit for competitive activity), took part in a national tournament for the last time. As in his best years, he faced his opponents with his usual determination and technique, even if then, as happened very few times in his sporting career, he was unable to get on the deserved podium, mainly due to his less than optimal physical condition. In fact, it has happened very few times in his career as a judoka and wrestler that Francesco Pansini has not conquered the podium, both nationally and internationally. 3rd dan black belt, in judo he won eight medals at the Italian category championships while in free wrestling he was Italian champion under 13, under 15, under 17 and under 20 and represented a model for all athletes for a decade, competitive and non-competitive, in the period between the end of the nineties and the early 2000s. Those were years in which in Molfetta in judo, and also in wrestling, people talked about the results of the Pansini family. In fact, in addition to Francesco, his sisters also emerged into the national spotlight, Marta (2nd dan black belt) and Angela (1st dan black belt), both winners of several medals at the Italian championships not only in judo but also in women’s free wrestling. All three brothers had a single guide: their father Nicola (2nd dan black belt). Francesco, now, together with the technical staff of Team Palomba Francesco di Molfetta, will dedicate his time to the very young wrestlers and, always with the same passion, will try to pass on his knowledge to those kids who want to try their hand at practicing the ancient sporting discipline. Among his students are his son and his grandchildren, to continue a healthy and enviable family tradition.

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