Paris 2024 Olympic Games: Thierry Henry has not “yet contacted” Mbappé to discuss his participation

Will Kylian Mbappé be present at the Olympic Games next summer? The answer is still awaited. The Parisian striker who repeated this Thursday in “Envoyé Spécial” his desire to participate in the 2024 Olympics is not yet sure if he can be there. And it is not his coach for the competition Thierry Henry who will be able to say more.

The Espoirs coach admitted to AFP that he had “not yet contacted” the PSG star on this subject. “I have already had quite a few players but I wanted to let the holidays pass for others. I surveyed certain people, it also helps us to move forward and see what we can do,” he said, adding that the number 7 of the capital club had “a special place”. Everything will also depend on his club next summer. “There is a difference between wanting and being able to. I don’t know where he will end up (next summer, Editor’s note) but the club will have a say,” he concludes.

“Meetings” with French clubs

Thierry Henry must deliver a first, very expanded list to the International Olympic Committee (IOC) next March. “We will have to target. We want to have the best team possible, but there are plenty of parameters that we cannot control, deplores the 1998 world champion. There are the players at the end of their contract, those who are going to play in the Euro, knowing that we don’t know the list for the Euro either. There is also the case of the four reservists. How to bring certain players to make the number, knowing that if there are medals at the end, it will not be for them. »

To build his list, the former legend of the Blues has already had “meetings” with Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 clubs. “It went very well, we looked for common ground so that the players find themselves in the best conditions. Clubs and presidents have been receptive, but the problem will certainly arise with foreign clubs. Why would they release their players? », asks the Espoirs coach. Elements of answer therefore next March!


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