Oviedo Badminton Club Suffers Tough Defeat Against Ravachol in Women’s Doubles

Anna Mikhalkova, in the foreground, and Kristina Sotomayor, during the women’s doubles against Ravachol. | C.B.O.

A tough defeat was suffered yesterday by the Oviedo Badminton Club on the Ravachol court in Pontevedra, where they fell by a tight 4-3 despite Asturias’ expectations of victory. The clash began with a victory for the CBO in the mixed doubles, thanks to Amaia Torralba and Marcos García. The score was leveled with the defeat in the women’s doubles by Anna Mikhalkova and Kristina Sotomayor, but the visiting team regained the lead with the point added by the men’s doubles by Álvaro Leal and Vicente Gázquez. In the singles, the Galicians took advantage with the victories of Lisa Louise over Amaia Torralba and Gabriel Fernández against Álvaro Leal, in an exciting five-set game. Vicente Gázquez kept the flame by defeating Manuel Brea, but Anna Mikhalkova lost the decisive point.

2024-01-15 06:11:58
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