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The difference is minimal, a single goal, and the tension is maximum_ history and pride. Millonarios and Junior will define the new champion of the Colombian Super League in El Campín. Both have the obligation to fight for the first title of the year, to win it. No one wants a setback so early. One of the two will have the first celebration of the season.

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Junior already took the advantage at home, in the Metropolitan stadium, it is a short advantage, barely 1-0, but it is an advantage and he will defend it like a treasure in Bogotá. With that goal, scored by Carlos Bacca, Junior will be the winner when he takes the field. It will be Millonarios’ task to equalize the series, to score the goal that takes the pressure off.

Both are favorites, both have clothes to show off in this final: Junior with his recently won League champion roster and with luxury reinforcements such as Yimmi Chará, Víctor Cantillo, Marco Pérez and Rafa Pérez. It is a heavy team, which after winning the first leg against Millonarios started with a victory in the League against Bucaramanga, 2-0. In that match Bacca scored again, to confirm that he is in a state of grace, that everything he touches is a goal. Bacca will be the main weapon with which Junior wants to celebrate the crown in Bogotá, but not the only one.

Junior vs. Millionaires in the first leg of the Super League.



“They are very close games, there are no differences. We are going to try to recover the group and manage the roster to arrive strong in Bogotá and find the team that can add as a visitor and win the title,” said Arturo Reyes when taking stock of the victory in the first leg.

Millonarios could not have been more motivated for this match. It is preceded by an impressive victory against Independiente Medellín, 5-0, last Sunday in Bogotá. 5-0 to confirm that this team does not mess around, that it is a Millonarios that varies its forms, but brings out its effectiveness. Those five goals are a warning for Junior, an announcement that this blue team can be devastating when he sets his mind to it and when he finds a sleeping rival. “We needed one of these victories and I hope it gives us a boost for Wednesday,” said coach Alberto Gamero after the victory against DIM, aware that his team has the mentality, the desire and the strength to overcome the Super League.

In that game on Sunday Millonarios changed their tactical scheme. Since he did not have Daniel Ruiz or Daniel Cataño, and Mackslister Silva had him on the substitute bench, he played with two area attackers, with Leo Castro and Santiago Giordana, and the pairing worked. Gamero showed that this alternative can be a dangerous weapon for their future confrontations. Either he comes out with his pair of attacking beasts and a frontal game, or with one of his creators – like Silva – who gives him a dose of pause. If it is with two forwards, Gamero warns: “If we repeat this structure, we will have to correct some mistakes. It is one of the alternatives. There are missing movements, mechanisms, but it is one of the options we have.”

Millionaires vs. Junior in the Betplay League.


César Melgarejo / EL TIEMPO

Millonarios and Junior will always be an attractive match, a clash that sparks when they play in Barranquila and unleashes thunder when they play in Bogotá, a duel between two ambitious teams, who are going for everything this season. It will be the confrontation of a Millonarios who wants to show that in his house, which will be full, he is not offended, and a Junior who wants to make said offense. There are 90 minutes left in a final of minimum difference and maximum pressure.

Millionaires vs. Junior
8 p. m.
TV: Win +


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