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Millonarios won its second Super League in its history this Wednesday after beating Junior de Barranquilla. The ‘ambassador’ team, with a 2-0 lead in the second leg, was crowned in Bogotá, after losing 1-0 last week at the Metropolitan stadium.

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In this duel played in Bogotá, the authors of the goals were Santiago Giordana and Leonardo Castro, who were key in Alberto Gamero’s scheme throughout the game and caused the greatest dangerous plays for the albiazules.

Santiago Giordana celebrates with Millonarios.

Well, in addition to receiving the trophy, the Bogotá team will receive an important financial prize for becoming champion. The important loot will be delivered by Dimayor.

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The governing body of Colombian Professional Football recently confirmed that the winner of the tournament will win a prize of 630 million pesos. In addition, the loser also wins a large sum of money, which is 325 million pesos.


Néstor Gómez – EL TIEMPO

It is worth noting that, after this final, both clubs will focus on their path in the League which continues with the dispute on date 2. There, Junior will face Boyacá Chicó in Tunja while Millonarios will also face Bucaramanga as a visitor.

Alberto Gamero wins the three titles in Colombia with Millonarios

Alberto Gamero feels like his own in Millonarios. This Wednesday, again, he cried with happiness after winning the Super League, the only title he was missing with the club.

There are already four Olympic laps that the Samario coach has with Millos, who in 2024 will turn 60 years old. He won the League as a player in 1988 and now, from the bench, he has already won the Colombia Cup (2022), the League (2023-I) and now, the champions’ duel against Junior.

Alberto Gamero, Millonarios coach.


Jaiver Nieto – EL TIEMPO

Gamero was named coach of Millonarios in December 2019, replacing Jorge Luis Pinto. On his resume he already had three titles as a coach: in 2008-I he gave his only star to Boyacá Chicó, and then, with Deportes Tolima, he won the Colombia Cup in 2014 and the League in 2018.

It wasn’t an easy start. The team did not do well in the first games of 2020 and could not overcome that burden. The pandemic came and when football returned after six months of interruption, the team began to play well, but the points were not enough to enter the eight.

Gamero experienced several frustrations in a row: the elimination of the 2020 Copa Sudamericana at the hands of Cali, the defeat against the same rival for a place in the same tournament the following year. And then he had his first final, in 2021-I, which he lost against Tolima in Bogotá after having drawn a draw in Ibagué.

Alberto Gamero, the day he won Tolima’s third star, in 2018.


Luis Eduardo Noriega. Efe

But in Millonarios they were patient with him. We had to wait another year and a half for the first title, the 2022 Colombia Cup, in a final very similar to the one they just won in the Super League. It was the same rival, Junior, and the matches ended the same: 1-0 defeat in Barranquilla and 2-0 victory in El Campín.

The League title, the most important in the Gamero era, had a special flavor: it was against Nacional, with the finale in Bogotá and with all the drama in the world. It was defined in shots from the penalty spot.

Millonarios champion of Colombian soccer in the BetPlay league.


César Melgarejo/ The Time @cesarmelgarejia

This final showed all the calm of Gamero in putting together his roster. He had many casualties: Juan Pablo Vargas, Juan Carlos Pereira, Daniel Cataño, Daniel Ruiz, among others.

The knowledge of the squad allowed the coach to put together a solid team, which was patient to break the wall that Junior posed and reverse the defeat in Barranquilla. Thus, more than 30 thousand blue fans in the stadium celebrated the new title.

“We thank the fans, because they always appear everywhere. The fear I have in the finals is to disappoint so many people who come,” said Gamero. “Today (Wednesday) was all perfect, wearing a new shirt, which is very nice,” he added.

The historical debt of Gamero and all Millonarios is an international title and the club works in that direction. “This process cannot have a ceiling and we know that we have a large debt in international matters,” said captain Mackalister Silva, Gamero’s representative on the field. For now, the blue title box is full.


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