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Millonarios had one of those games that every coach dreams of, and every fan longs for, and every rival fears. He went out to play at the start of the League to suffocate Medellín and it didn’t take long to leave him gasping for air, drowned, purple, asking for help, crying out for mercy. He finished him off. He stepped over him. He shook it. He picked him up and threw him to the floor. He beat him 5-0 and left him stunned, incredulous, not knowing where that blue gale force that raged in El Campín came from.

The Millonarios fan experienced one of those games that makes you fall in love, seeing his team play with such speed and forcefulness. The one who arrived late did not manage to see the complete work, the first goal was requested, because it was in the first minute. It was when Leo Castro received a long pass, he started at the edge of the offside, the VAR told him that he did it legally, he crossed into the area where Édgar Guerra arrived inspired to kick and score the 1-0, like that, so fast, without hitting the rival does not even have time to adjust.

What perhaps the blue fans did not expect is that Medellín was going to be so stunned that after five minutes they were going to give away the second goal, due to a poor return to the goalkeeper; Guerra, who was in his afternoon, pressed, won the ball, eluded the impotent goalkeeper and defined the score as 2-0.

Images of the game between Millonarios and Medellín for the Bet Play league at the Nemesio Camacho El Campin stadium, today January 21, 2024. Photo MAURICIO MORENO EL TIEMPO CEET @mauriciomorenofoto

Millonarios made Sunday afternoon a wonderful afternoon for their fans, with such a joyful and voracious start to the game. Mackalister Silva was not on the court, but his absence was not noticeable. The long passing game, without much pause, frenetic but successful, was devastating. Above were two similar forwards who made an effort to look different: Leo Castro and Giordana.

The eyes were on them, on how they were going to distribute their movements and their spaces. Giordana did not need to touch the ball to show that he is already immersed in the team’s plan and that he already knows Leo. He only opened his legs, an elegant little screen, as if he had eyes on his back, and Castro appeared there to receive, go towards the goal and finish in a double attempt to beat the goalkeeper who saved the first but not the second, and 3-0 in just 16 minutes.

El Campín was a powerful tide that shook with all its fury, from north to south, from east to west, to shout the third goal, to celebrate the win, to enliven those players who provided that magical afternoon.

Images of the game between Millonarios and Medellín for the Bet Play league at the Nemesio Camacho El Campin stadium, today January 21, 2024. Photo MAURICIO MORENO EL TIEMPO CEET @mauriciomorenofoto

In Medellín they couldn’t believe it, how was it possible that in three arrivals they received three goals, maybe it was a dream, a nightmare, maybe those in blue were not 11 but 22, what could they do to get back into the game when they were already so collapsed? ? Medellín longed for the first half to be over, to see what strength they had in the dressing room, what vindication. In the second half, that crumbling team tried to appeal to pride to score a goal, but its few attempts were mitigated by Álvaro Montero, who also wanted to take center stage.

It was when Guerra told them, ‘don’t forget me, I’m on my afternoon’, and who was going to forget it if at 60 minutes he went and scored the fourth goal, in another failure of the defense, which seemed mummified with the presence of that attacker. And as if all that were not enough, as if the damage was not complete, Larry Vásquez arrived and with a low shot he scored the fifth.

Let them hold on hard in the League, because when Millonarios sets their mind to it, it is a gale that blows and does not forgive.

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