Maya Lopez: A Deaf, Mute, and Amputee Avenger Seeks Revenge against the Kingpin in “Echo”

Deaf, mute and a foot amputee, Maya Lopez is nevertheless a formidable killing machine. She works within the New York organization of Wilson Finsk, an underworld leader who was close to her late father and nicknamed the Kingpin. But when she discovers that it is Finsk who is behind the death of her father, she turns against him…

Those who have seen the mini-series “Hawkeye”, broadcast at the end of 2021 on Disney +, already know the character of Maya Lopez, played by the unknown Alaqua Cox, who appeared in the third episode of the fiction. Initially presented as a simple secondary character among the adversaries opposed to Hawkeye, the Avenger archery champion, the young woman gradually gained momentum in the story, and therefore now sees herself at the head of his own series.

This, after an introduction borrowing from Native American mythology, quickly describes the heroine’s childhood, returns to her confrontation with the Kingpin (Vincent D’Onofrio), then leaves New York for Oklahoma, a rural region of where Maya’s tribe, the Choctaws, originated. There, she continues her revenge against the Finsk gang, while reluctantly reunited with her family members…

From the three episodes that we were able to see, out of the five that make up the season, it appears that things continue to move really well at Marvel. A Native American heroine, with multiple disabilities, and what’s more, portrayed at the beginning as a villain, we are far from a rosy story here! “Echo” is also produced by Marvel Spotlight, the subsidiary dedicated to more adult fiction (in the United States, the series is not recommended for those under 16), which fit into the Marvel universe, but which can be seen independently because they have no impact on the framework of the gigantic saga woven around the most famous superheroes, such as Spider-Man, Iron Man or Thor.

“Echo” therefore takes advantage of this to push certain cursors quite far, for example on the violence side, certain action sequences clearly taking inspiration from the latest “John Wick”. But it is above all the character of Maya Lopez (who will end up being nicknamed Echo) who proves interesting. After the teenager of Pakistani origin Miss Marvel or Phastos, the first openly gay superhero presented in the film “The Eternals”, the American studio continues to open up to diversity, and offers the viewer, via pretty flashes- back, some instructive scenes about the Choctaws in pre-Columbian times.

Irreducible fans of the Marvel universe will also find what they are looking for. Because if “Echo” constitutes a derivative of “Hawkeye”, it also refers to a much better known masked vigilante, Daredevil. The latter, in the 2015-2018 series dedicated to him, already faced the Kingpin, and it seems likely that he will appear in one of the last two episodes of “Echo”. That’s good, a “Daredevil: Born Again” is in the pipeline…

Editor’s note: “Echo”,

American science fiction series by Marion Dayre, with Alaqua Cox, Graham Greene, Chaske Spencer… Season 1, episodes between 39 and 49 min. On Disney+.

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