King’s Cup | Summary and goals of Atlético

Minute 66 of the game and Simeone decides to replace Griezmann and Morata with Correa and Memphis. A controversial decision with a place in the semi-finals at stake, but one that turned out to be a complete success, Well, the Dutchman, after a pass from the Argentine, scored the only goal of the game to keep Atlético in the fight for the Cup. Controversy was not missing from their event either, with the visiting team claiming two penalties on Sow and Lamela, the latter in the 95th minute.

Sevilla, very timid in attack, He did not get the first shot on goal until the 63rd minute. However, they could have gone ahead from the eleven meters if Gil Manzano had awarded a penalty in an action between Nahuel Molina and Sow that was highly protested by the visitors.

Simeone’s men, for their part, prowled around the visiting area, controlling the ball despite not having clear chances. The colchoneros were so close to the danger zone that, in a run by Nahuel Molina, the Argentine was knocked down by Marcao, who stuck out his leg unnecessarily and committed a penalty. Griezmann prepared to shoot, but the unexpected happened: the Frenchman slipped just at the moment of hitting and his shot went into the clouds.. A wasted golden opportunity, especially in such a close game.

The second half did not change the script and Atlético went out to find the goal from the beginning. Griezmann was close to correcting his error in the maximum penalty with a semi-chile attempt which was about to become a wonderful Vaseline, but it narrowly missed out. A few minutes later, the Frenchman would score, but he would do so offside.

Simeone risks and succeeds

Simeone took charge of the game and, also aware of the wear and tear of his players, took a risk with the entry of Memphis and Correa for Griezmann and Morata. It was the winning move. With ten minutes left, with the game heading into extra time, A play braided by Llorente and Correa in the baseline culminated with a pass of death from the Argentine that Depay transformed into a goal.

The Cholo team still had a scare left in a final marked by tension, when Gil Manzano awarded a penalty for a tackle by Barrios, in an action that was corrected after the VAR review in the face of angry protests from the visiting players. Simeone’s changes ended up giving him the pass to an Atlético who, Without Barça and Real Madrid in the competition, it becomes the favorite to win the Copa del Rey.

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