Judo Sports Event and Competitive Technical Internship with Olympic Champion Fabio Basile

On Sunday 14 January 2024, at the Sports Hall of the City of Andria in Corso Germania, a Judo Sports Event, one of the noble martial arts. It’s one Competitive Technical Internshiporganized byASD Virtus Informs of Andrialed by the Master Technical Director Digiovanni Riccardo.

The sporting event, sponsored by FOR YOU Puglia Region Committee and the Municipality of Andria Sports Department, will have as Special Guest the multi-award winning Olympic Champion Fabio Basilewho for the occasion will meet athletes from different regions of Italy.

There will also be guests of excellence such as Col. Giuseppe Matera President of the Fijlkam Judo Sector e Antonio Ernesto rappresentante dell’Head of Protocol International Judo Federation.

For institutional greetings, the authorities of the Municipal Public Administration, Department of Sport and Department of Heritage and the President of the Puglia Regional Committee will intervene.


The day includes four training sessions starting at 9:00 in the morning and concluding at 6:30 in the afternoon, two for each class of athletes, from children to masters.

7.45 Athlete registration and Ticket Pass delivery;
8.40 Institutional greetings and presentation of guests;
9:00 1st training session (children’s and teenagers’ classes, ex. A, ex. B);
11:00 2nd training (cadet, junior, senior, master classes);
12.30 lunch break;
3.00pm 3rd training session (children’s and teenagers’ classes, ex. A, ex. B);
5.00pm 4th training (cadet, junior, senior, master classes);
6.30pm Conclusion.

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