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There is no doubt that the rivalry between the Colombian Juan Pablo Montoya and the German Michael Schumacher captured the attention of Formula 1 fans.

Today, when years have passed and their careers have taken different paths, it is good to remember what their ‘tough confrontations’ were on the asphalt during competitions.

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Montoya is close to his son Sebastián, who follows in his footsteps, while little is known about Schumacher after having completed, last December, 10 years since his skiing accident.


Perhaps it was Montoya’s first great achievement in F-1, when in Ayrton Senna’s treatment, he passed to the German.

The X account @amendiluze took on the task of releasing, one by one, the videos, like this one at the 2001 Austrian GP.

“In the first race of 2002, Montoya once again demonstrated that he had not come to F1 to see Schumacher walk around the circuits winning easily. A spectacular duel, one of those rarely seen in F1. Without DRS and with V10 engines “. It was in Austrialia in 2002.

Then, there was another exciting event at the Malaysian Grand Prix in that same year.

“In the middle of the 3-way fight for the World Championship between Kimi, Michael and Montoya, Juan Pablo had the best car at this part of the season for the first time since he signed for Williams. He did not hesitate to give Michael a sensational exterior that left the German out of track”.

The rivalry reached the 2003 Italian GP.

In 2004

In San Marino 2004, “on the first lap of the GP Montoya wanted to get ahead of Schumacher to not let that much superior Ferrari escape. Michael ended up throwing Juan Pablo off the track. – I didn’t see him. You have to be blind or stupid for not having seen me.”

That same year, but in Belgium, this happened.

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