Italy’s Disappointing Showing at Odivelas Grand Prix in Judo

Judo, Pirelli stops in the round of 16 in the -100 kg. Italy ends without podiums at the Odivelas Grand Prix (Sunday 28 January 2024)
It goes into the archive without notable placings for Italy il Grand Prix Of Odivelas 2024, inaugural event of the new season for the World Tour of Judo which offered a maximum of 700 points (to the winners) for the world and Olympic qualification rankings towards Paris. The Bel Paese, which fielded a total of 17 athletes over the Portuguese weekend, remains empty-handed (no Italian athlete reached the quarter-finals). finale) even at the end of day 3. In the heavy categories no blue exploits have arrived, even if the podior it wasn’t a simple goal. Gennaro Pirelli he tried the coup in the -100 kg, to put hay on the farm with a view to a five-circle pass, …Read the whole news on oasport

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