Inside the phenomenon of the ‘KSA Whites’: Real Madrid’s Saudi supporters club

BRAND went to the concentration hotel ‘KSA Whites’ to know the ins and outs of a club that has managed to bring 600 Madrid fans to Al Awwal Park to enjoy the entire Spanish Super Cup: “It all started in 2015, although The love for football came to many of them from the time of Zidane, who was the one who made them fall in love with football.“, he tells us Carlos Baldóhonorary president of the club, who has already 10 years living in Saudi Arabia.

With more than 500 supporters clubs spread across 11 cities in the country, ‘KSA Whites’ was made known to the world last year in the Super Cup final in the King Fahd Stadium from Riyadh after a viral image in which Florentino Pérez appeared with the classic Saudi ‘hattah’ (the scarf with which the country’s men cover their heads) and Benzema dressed like a sheikh. And in this year’s edition, located in the goal where Real Madrid came back from the semi-final, The club managed to transform Al Awwal Park into the new ‘home’ of Real Madrid in Saudi Arabia: “It is a country with a lot of passion for football, there are many Real Madrid fans here,” he said. Ancelotti in the run-up to the final.

“At first there were many problems setting up the club due to language, culture and communication with the club”explains to BRAND one of the reasons why the club became official in 2018. A club that received a visit from Florentino Perez and Emily Butragueñowho reciprocated the affection of the fans by signing autographs and taking photos with them.

The whistle on Toni Kroos… and a warning

“The Toni Kroos issue is quite controversial here because people consider that he has insulted the country. Here they are very proud of their culture and their country… and it has been understood that they are insulting their honor“, Carlos starts after the whistles that the German footballer suffered throughout the Riyadh stadium where the Super Cup is being held. after criticizing the departure of players to the local League and the lack of human rights in the country. “It was fun today! An incredible crowd,” the white ‘8’ responded ironically.

What’s more, if Kroos scores… the celebration will be very small and people may boo him

Additionally, honorary president of the club does not hesitate to warn that what will be seen in Sunday’s final against Barcelona in the same stadium it will be much worse: “It’s something we can’t control… the speaker we have was throughout the game saying to encourage Kroos and to forget everything. That this is football and not to mix with politics”he tried to explain.

Saudi fans whistle at Kroos in the Spanish Super Cup

“In our supporters’ club there were almost no boos for Toni, but the rest of the stadium is something we cannot control. I am convinced that in the final it will be worse because there is already movement on Arab social networks to get more boos.“, omen before throwing a possibility into the air. “What’s more, if Kroos scores… the celebration will be very small and people may boo him”, he warned. Although Ancelotti thinks that will not be a problem: “They have not affected him nor will they affect him, he has such knowledge of this world that it will not affect him to play”he claimed.

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