Inquire Basketball Guareña (IBG) Suffers Defeat but Remains Optimistic for the Second Round

He Inquire Basketball Guareña (IBG) fell defeated this weekend 44-56 against Don Benito’s CB Siglo XXIon the seventh day of the Regular League of the Badajoz Provincial Trophy that closed the first round.

He IBG goes second in the table despite losing, he would have been the leader if he had won, but he lost. Therefore, there is a triple tie on points between Guareña, AD21 Don Benito and S. XXI Don Benito, with eleven points. All two points behind the leader Peluquería Stilo.

The player and at the same time coach of Baloncesto Guareña, Vaquero, said of the match that it could be defined as a great missed opportunity to make a move at the top of the table. “We did not know how to read the superiority of Fran’s franchise player, a two-meter pivot who did us a lot of damage with his penetrations in our zone and with great intimidation under his basket,” Vaquero defined.

On the other hand, the Inquiba Basketball Guareña he missed the injured last December like Vaquero himself, Nacho and Quinic in the warm-up that reduced the team’s possible rotations.

“Evidently a game in which you score 44 points is impossible to win,” says Vaquero. However, in the third quarter the team took the lead after coming back from nine points down at halftime. But in the end, in the fourth quarter, maybe the precipitation Trying to win “entailed some turnovers that hindered the end of the game,” Vaquero explains to this editorial team.

Overall it was abad game«on an important day. »These days after a defeat against a team of equal level to ours, it is difficult because you think about things that we could have done better during the game, but for lack of good reading At the time we didn’t know how to face it.” But Vaquero points out that the most important thing is that this Saturday the second round beginsagain at home and in The oak “We will have the opportunity to redeem ourselves and return to the path of victory.”

The IBG has a great team, made up of friends who like and love basketball, who work together to improve in games, and, “I’m sure that in this Next game there will be grit, energy, fight and success in front of the basketbecause despite losing, says Vaquero, we always get up and compete for that hobby that supports us in The oak«, Mr. Vaquero prints optimism and confidence.

The next meeting will therefore be held in the municipal pavilion The oak the next Saturday, January 20 in front of the Mesón Cervantes from Villanueva de la Serena, at 7pm.

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