Iñigo Martínez is injured in Barbastro and will be out for a month

Íñigo Martínez reappeared in Barbastro and his return to the playing fields was brief. Ephemeral. Barely He remained on the field for 11 minutes the footballer, victim of a new injury that returned him to the infirmary from which he had left to board the bus that was leaving for the Huesca town.

The defender returned at night on that same bus, hurt in his leg and hurt in his soul due to another physical setback. The first estimates, pending ratification, estimate that it should convalesce a month before playing again with his companions.

A month, more or less, is the time Iñigo Martínez has been absent since he was injured in the warm-up against Atlético de Madrid (1-0). He was going to be a starter and noticed some discomfort. He retired to the locker room before the others and did not return to them. The medical report spoke of an “injury to the biceps femoris of the right leg”.

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Iñigo was produced in Barbastro an injury to the hamstrings of the left leg, So it is not a relapse, but rather another episode. In the absence of the diagnostic tests that were going to be carried out in Barcelona, ​​the Basque defender will take another month to fully recover.

After missing six games, Iñigo reappeared in the call and on the field. He came on in the 64th minute for Andreas Christiensen and in the 75th minute the Basque central defender asked for a change. He sat on the floor to give Sergi Roberto time to prepare. With visible gestures of anger and despair. Iñigo sat on the bench for a few moments and immediately went to the locker room.

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