In figures | What is happening in Catalonia with immigration and why does Junts want to control distribution quotas?

Almost the half of the population of Barcelona consider necessary limit the arrival of immigrants Given the increase in citizen insecurity, housing occupation and the crime rate, and Junts I want to take over the distribution quotas and implement new policies. But what is going exactly in Catalonia with the immigration and what are the figures most notable?

According to a recent survey of the Barcelona Provincial Council, the 44% of Catalans see it necessary to limit the arrival of immigrants in the face of an increase in citizen insecurity, the occupation of homes and the crime rate.

That’s why, together wants to have the control distribution quotas of newcomers between autonomous communities and that Catalan is beginning to form part of the reception and regularization policies.

However, the Mossos d’Esquadra sells unacceptable take charge of the control of this area. A particularly controversial issue that until now was dealt with exclusively by the National Police.

In ‘Horizonte’ we have collected the highlights related to immigration in Catalonia, which Nicolas Rodriguez analyze:

The resident population not born in Spain has gone from 10.6% to 22.3% in Catalonia. In the last 20 years, Catalonia has increased its resident population by almost 1.2 million of people: 38% were Spanish and 62% were foreigners. In Catalonia there are more inmate population of foreign men (51.3%) than Spanish men (48.7%).In Catalonia, during the last three years 6 out of every 13 men arrested and investigated for ‘sexual assault with penetration’ were foreigners: 46.3% foreigners compared to 53.7% of Spaniards.


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