”I want to start the year with him”

Lola is 27 years old, she is a waitress and is passionate about fashion.

Our bachelorette will have dinner with Christian, a 26-year-old young man who is passionate about music.

Lola She is 27 years old, she is a waitress and she is passionate about fashion. Although she is from Seville, she explains that she now lives in Ibiza and reveals that she has only fallen in love once with a man with whom she spent four years and with whom, despite everything, she maintains a relationship. lovely.

Our bachelorette comes to ‘First Dates’ with the aim of finding a man who is fun, adventurous and ”responsible golf”, a term that has caught a lot of attention Carlos Sobera and who wanted to highlight: ”I liked that”.

Lola will have dinner with Christiana 26-year-old young man who is passionate about music, sings, composes and plays the guitar, and also considers himself funny and ‘handsome’… a great game!

To our single woman, first of all, he didn’t like his date at all: ”This guy is a posh guy in a jacket, I don’t like him at all, but zero.”

Lola is going to Berlin next year, but there is still time to find love. At first, her date did not attract much attention, but as the date has progressed, they have both begun to get to know each other a little more.

Christian has told Lola that he spent a year living in London to pursue his dream and she has confessed her future in Berlin, but he has not given it importance: ”The issue of distance is difficult, but I am not closed off to nothing”.

And Lola, Christian has started to like it a little more and she has been pleasantly surprised: ”He is a very interesting boy to know, very special, particular just like me and he has activated my interest in getting to know him a little more”.

At the time of The final decision, Christian has admitted to wanting to start the year by getting to know Lola because she seems like a “10” person to him and she has agreed with him, and has even invited him to visit her in Berlin.


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