“I don’t see that they are afraid of me on the grid, I am one more”


The Spanish MotoGP rider Marc Márquez (Ducati) confessed this Wednesday that he does not see “fear” on the grid after his signing for Gresini Racing for this 2024, because now he feels that he is “one more”, although he acknowledged that there is “maximum motivation and hope”, but insisted that “it would be a big mistake to think about the title”, since he has been “two years without a victory”.

“I don’t see fear on the grid, I’m one more. If you come from winning titles, it could be, but a lot of drivers have beaten me. I learn from all of them, I have to reinvent myself to see what they do better. I will face drivers who “They have been on the same bike for many years and they should be ahead. But my job will be to give one hundred percent,” said the man from Cervera at an event organized by Estrella Galicia 0.0 in Madrid.

The eight-time world champion is “very relaxed”, after announcing in October his departure from Honda 11 years later and his arrival at Gresini Racing, the team in which he will ride the champion Ducati in the 2023 season. “There is excitement, but no There may be anxiety; there is desire, but you cannot go with a blindfold on your eyes. You cannot do the house through the roof,” he warned about the next course.

“My goal is to do my best. If I can finish first, better than second, but normally, from the start, you cannot choose to fight against them (the best). You have to create that moment. It would be a big mistake to think about the title, because I have gone two years without a victory,” commented Marc Márquez about his “realistic” goals for 2024.

The former Honda man knows that “people’s expectations are already very high”, but this year he will focus on “getting away from all that”, because it will be “just as difficult as always” or “even more”, because it is coming “from a difficult situation of the last three years.” “Low profile, race by race, that will allow us to work more calmly,” he indicated as a ‘recipe’ for next season.

“It would be a big mistake to think about the title, because I have gone two years without a victory. There are hopes, but you don’t live on them. I can’t face a season thinking about the title coming from where I come from, three years competing half of the races of the calendar,” he recalled.

For Márquez it is “strange” to hear that he is a Ducati rider, although he feels “very comfortable” in Gresini, “a family team.” “It is strange not to see people in the box that I have seen for 11 years. These are changes that one faces with the maximum possible motivation and enthusiasm,” said the pilot.

“It is forbidden to lower my arms to the point of giving up a lot, emotions to continue with my sports career. Good news does not come waiting sitting down, you have to look for it. I have made a very important decision in my career to continue feeling those butterflies in the stomach and enjoy it again,” he added.


And the eight-time world champion wants his sporting career to “continue for many more years” because he feels “young.” “But for that I have to have fun, and I do it by competing for the top positions. That’s what we will try this season, with progression,” he said, explaining that the key will be to have “consistency.” “I can be very fast in specific circuits, but I don’t know if I can be fast constantly,” he analyzed.

“The Valencia test was good. I was nervous, the smile from that first outing was calm. No matter how much you have won and have experience, there are concerns before trying a new project. I already have a list signed up to work in Malaysia. I am looking forward to reaching circuits that are difficult for me, like Malaysia and Qatar, that is where I will see the positive points of the bike,” he commented on his first laps with the Ducati.

Another incentive for Marc Márquez is to share a box with his brother Álex, as already happened in 2020, a year in which the eight-time champion was barely able to run due to an injury. “Hopefully it will be completely opposite to what happened. I only thought about the title and now I think about enjoying the bike again, it is the main objective. If I enjoy it, results will come. Álex has already fought for victories and I will be able to learn things from he said.

“The main objective is what he did in the second part of the season, he is capable of anything. He has to look for that consistency between the top 8-6 and gain confidence,” he expressed before joking about a hypothetical fight with his brother for a win. . “It is difficult to control the limit at 300 km / h. Most mistakes are made unintentionally, I hope I never apologize to him,” he commented.

Finally, Márquez reiterated that he has “never” felt that they “do not” love him at Ducati, because otherwise “he would not have taken the step.” “I have been very supported by the Gresini team, they gave me my time, they never pushed me. For 2025, logically I have nothing talked about with anyone, first I want to feel that enjoyment again on the bike, and then assess which is the best option “The more gas on the track, the more options open,” he said about his future.

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